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In India, Bengali language is the second most spoken language after Hindi. It is the national language of Bangladesh and official language of the state of West Bengal. A sizeable migrant Bengali population has carried this language to many parts of the world.

Bengali language, as spoken in Bangladesh basically differs from its West Bengal (India) counterpart in terms of accent. However, whether Bangladeshi or Bengali, they are both mutually comprehensible.

With localization, Bengali voice talents are in great demand for recording IVRs, safety videos, prompts, e-learning / e-learning and Radio & TV commercials. Mumbai being the media hub of India, some of the finest and varied native Bengali voiceover artists can be sourced here. These voice artistes are well versed in corporate narration, sync dubbing, as well as voice-overs for commercials.

Bengali, akin to French amongst European languages, enjoys the distinction of being the sweetest amongst Indian languages. Interestingly, Bengali sweet-meats are considered the most delectable in the sub-continent, if not globally!


kannada male voiceovers

Bengali Male Voice Artistes


Male Voice Artist

Milon: An all rounded Bengali voice talent. A very powerful voice with good stamina for long narrations, lengthy IVR jobs, as well as picture sync voice dubbing jobs in Bengali. His keen knowledge of Bengali language is an added boon. His music background gives him an edge where voice modulation and dramatic narration are required.

He also does voice recordings in Bangladeshi / Sylheti language

Bengali language voiceover by Shonkor Dey




Bangladeshi language voiceover by Shonkor Dey




Sujoy: A versatile Bengali language voice over talent, with a warm comforting voice quality. His vast experience with voice-over work is supported by his solid knowledge base, giving a “believable” quality to his Bengali language narrations. He is as good a drama voice talent as he is a narrator for Bengali dubs of “Discovery” programs. He regularly does picture sync dubbings for Hollywood films in Bengali & Hindi languages.

Bengali language voiceover by Sujoy





Bangladeshi language voiceover by Arindham




Harish: He might have the most sonorous voice timbre, this voice talent does only short voice-over jobs and Radio-TV commercials. He is not available for e-learning, extended IVR jobs or long narrations. He is channel voice of a Bangladeshi channel. Harish does voice recordings in several languages.


Bengali language voiceover by Harish





Bengali Sylheti language voiceover by Milon





Bengali language voiceover by Somesh


Somesh is well suited for e-learning and as a secondary voice is any project where two distinct voice characters are required.





Bengali language voiceover by Rituparno






Kannada Female Voice overs

Bengali Female Voice Artistes


Female Voice Artist

Basabi: A busy Bengali voice-over artiste who is adaptable to various voice recording genres, such as breezy commercials, serious narrations, sync dubbings and e-learning. She lends a charming, feminine touch to her IVR recordings. Her ability to pronounce English words correctly is a definite plus when it comes to doing Bengali voice recording jobs with a heavy sprinkling of English words.


Bengali language voiceover by Basabi





Disha: This Bengali voice talent has a very genuine, warm and sweet quality to her voice. Her diction is very authentically Bengali, minus the urban touch. Her pronunciation of English language words has a markedly Bengali accent. But all in all, she is an asset among our Bengali language female voice over talents.


Bengali language voiceover by Disha





Bangladeshi language voiceover by Disha





Bangladeshi language voiceover by Romona


Romona is a gifted voice artist with a warm, easy style. She lends herself very well to diverse genres such as Radio, IVRs and narration and TVCs and e-learning. She brings an innate spontaneity to all her reads which immediately beckons the listener’s attention.





Bangladeshi language voiceover by ModhuGeeta


Geeta, an experienced voice talent whose oeuvre ranges from evocative narration to an impressive range of dramatic reads. She is eminently suited for e-learning as well.





We do Bengali and Bangladeshi Voiceover projects with well experienced and talented Bengali Voice Artistes from West Bengal and Bangladesh. We have done many voiceover projects in Bengali and has produced best Bengali language Voice projects with Bengali male voiceover artist and Bengali female voiceover artist for our clients from all over world.


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