voiceover work

How it work.


You have your project script.

We have voice artistes to suit your need.

But every voice talent does not have the wherewithal to deliver a finished recording

He/She not only needs acoustically treated, sound proof voice recording environment, the artiste also needs creative supervision, direction

We add that value - based on years of our experience in audio production

This is why although we showcase voice talents' voices, we do not send voice artistes to you. We undertake entire production to your satisfaction

In short

- Visit our website

- Choose voices suitable to your script. For security considerations, audio demo ids may be web monikers

- Send us your request - script and choice of voice talents

- Receive our recommendation/s based on flair of voice talent/s, budget & availability

- Approve our eminently modest quote

- Supervise live recording session, where possible

- Receive audio files in the format of your choice

- Meet your deadline without stress

- Pay by PayPal or via Bank transfer


All live happily ever after!

This is why clients return to us - again & again.

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