Kannada Language Voiceovers.

Kannada, the state language of the state of Karnataka in south India, is one the most widely spoken languages belonging to the Dravidian group of languages.

It is widely spoken in and around Karnataka with the total number of Kannada speaking population touching 45 million around the world. Any business or individual wishing to locate in Karnataka needs to be well versed in Kannada language with its panoply of dialects, one different from the other.

Kannada language is the medium of all formal communication and education. There is a constant need for voiceover talents and dubbing artists in Kannada language. Indeed, the range of Kannada voice over artists available in the market is rich and diverse to fulfil the need for recording IVRs, corporate and documentary narration, as well as talented native Kannada actors for sync dubbing.


kannada male voiceovers

Kannada Male Voice Artistes


Amit: A young talented voice artist. Active in Kannada theater, it is difficult to say whether he is a better voice actor or a bigger voiceover guy…as he does full justice to both. His narration is lucid and his IVRs exude a certain warmth. Co-operative and committed, he is at the forefront of the Kannada language voice overs scene.


Kannada language voiceover by Amit





Vishnu: A veteran Kannada voice talent with a warm, caring voice.
His corporate voice overs and documentary narrations have a genuine ring, and his IVRs a friendly note.
A very busy voice talent in the Kannada TVC space, he commands a higher price than most others.

Kannada language voiceover by Vishnu  




Kannada Female Voice overs

Kannada Female Voice Artistes

Rittha: Started as a child voice for TVCs, in not just Kannada but most Indian languages under the respective language expert’s supervision. Today as a young adult she is one of the leading Kannada voice over artists.

With her cheerful and charming tone she can swing between voicing for a young girl to a young adult with complete ease.

She might find herself too busy to undertake longish voice over jobs.

Kannada language voiceover by Rittha



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