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Malayalam is the state language of Kerala and the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, spoken by over 35 million people the world over. It is also spoken in parts of neighboring states of Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

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Malayalam has the largest number of consonants among all Indian languages as it has assimilated sounds from both, Sanskrit and all other Dravidian languages. At one point in history, Malayalam language script contained 900 letters. But in the late 20th century, to facilitate its use on computers these were drastically reduced to 56 letters.
Malayalam is the most recently developed of Dravidian Languages. It has drawn heavily on Sanskrit and Tamil for administrative and literary usage. Modern Malayalam has assimilated a good measure of English vocabulary, not to mention Portuguese and Dutch.


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Malayalam Male Voice Artistes


Male Voice Artist

Malayalam voiceover by Rajkumar

Rajkumar : Being a seasoned writer and a poet, plus a being a good singer, make Rajkumar a multi-talented voice over artist in Malayalam language. He has a long track record in translating and recording IVRS, Documentary and industrial narration, and Radio and TV commercials in Malayalam language.  




Malayalam language voiceover by Raja

Raja : One of the most sought after voice over talents in Malayalam, busy studio hopping. He does some of the more prestigious work in Malayalam language. His range of work is all-encompassing. Be it a soft voiceover, a crisp commercial or a complex safety video in Malayalam language, Raja has excelled in each genre year after year. He has executed some of the best e-learning projects in Malayalam/English  





Malayalam language voiceover by Raman

Raman : A very versatile male voice for character dubs. E moulds himself to bring alive different persona on the screen




Kannada Female Voice overs

Malayalam Female Voice Artistes


Female Voice Artist

Malayalam language voiceover by Saroja

Saroja: A PHD in Malayalam literature, it is hard to tell whether Saroja is a better Professor, or an even better Malayalam language voice talent. Flawless narration pleasant and warm IVRs and a crystal clear clarity make her a Malayalam language voice over artiste with long and successful innings. Her ease with English words in Malayalam scripts give her an edge over some other Malayalam voice talents.




Malayalam voiceover by Annapurna





Malayalam voiceover by Renuka

Renuka: A dependable performer with a strong and punchy voice Renuka is better suited for subjects where the text is in chaste Malayalam, without a sprinkling of English words. She can handle long e-learning jobs with ease.



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