The Payoff of a Voice Artiste

I have known voice artistes reigning for 36 years (and counting) with never having to reduce price to counter competitive pressure and then there are those too who buckle soon after the first flush of success because they thought “voicing didn’t mean working hard!”

The former group, albeit is more of an exception rather than a rule, has had one perpetual problem – the income tax problem!
But generally, if you are a consistent worker & not a spend thrift, you can be as well off as a corporate executive your age – but with no guarantee of sustenance beyond, say, a couple of months!
If you are complacent and suddenly find yourself out of favour, the impending abyss can be unbearable, sometimes leading to depression. And you have no one but you to blame.
I’d still say, it’s a well-paying profession, with the attendant fun and some recognition that goes with it.

Skills Required to be a Voice Artiste:

Ah, now we’re talking. Stop dreaming start working.
An arresting baritone might be the last thing you need. Of course, there are different requirements for the various spaces in voice industry.




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