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Punjabi language is a descendant of the Shauraseni Prakrit language which was the chief language of northern India in the Medieval Age.

Punjabi is the state language of the state of Punjab in north India. It is spoken in its 27 odd dialectal forms by approximately a 100 million people all over the world, predominantly in West Punjab province of Pakistan and by a sizeable expatriate population in United Kingdom, Canada and North America
The language of literature and formal communication remains the Majhi dialect which evolved in the historic cultural hub between Lahore and Amritsar.

Punjabi is one of the three Indian languages that is categorized as a Tonal language, the other two being the Vedic Sanskrit and Western Pahari. Tonal languages are those where the same syllable or word can convey a different meaning with a variation in pitch. But unlike other truly tonal languages like Chinese and Japanese, Punjabi has tonal or pitch accent where the entire word is pitched in a particular way.

Punjabi did not have its own script and till quite recently was written only in Persian script which later came to be known as Shahmukhi. In Pakistan it continues to be written in Shahmukhi. But in India Punjabi literary tradition being much stronger, it now enjoys its own script known as Gurumukhi. Gurumukhi was a huge improvement on the traditional Persian script as it lent itself very well to represent the Punjabi sounds with utmost accuracy.

The earliest records of Gurumukhi script can be traced to the sacred scriptures of Sikhism, the Granth Sahib. Sufi poets too contributed to the enrichment of Punjabi with their folk literature, the love ballads of Heer- Ranjha and Mirza-Sahiban.

There is a increasing demand for audio content in Punjabi language, for improved communication with the Diaspora, particularly for medical IVRs, instructional videos and other expatriate-related information.

kannada male voiceovers

Punjabi Male Voice Artistes


Male Voice Artist

 Aashish is one of the most versatile Punjabi male voice. Born and brought up in Punjab, his Punjabi accent remains untainted by his present urban milieu. His English pronunciation is clean, hence he is also able to render technical and industrial scripts with complete ease.  Aashish is a sensitive voice actor as well and has to his credit several picture-sync dubs


Punjabi language voiceover by Aashish



Kannada Female Voice overs

Punjabi Female Voice Artistes


Female Voice Artist

Sushila Kaur: A versatile voice talent straddling the whole spectrum of voice recordings from narrations, e-learning to IVRs & character sync dubbing. By far the most sought after artiste in Punjabi yet affordable – or, perhaps, because of it.

Punjabi language voiceover by Sushila Kaur



Reshma: One of the leading Punjabi female voice talents. A charming tone and a pleasant voice make her especially suited for IVRs, medical prompts, and instructional videos. She enunciates English words without any regional accent which gives her an edge over other Punjabi female voices.

Punjabi language voiceover by Reshma




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