Our Service as Voice Production Company

Our work is driven by what we believe –

           Meet the deadline
           Or consider yourself dead.

                           Beat the deadline
                           And be ahead.

Our deadline
Is client’s lifeline.

Basically Alpha’s services belong to the localization space.

- Translation - various pairs
- Voice recoding for local adaptation
- Synchronizing to video
- Quality checks of projects already underway.


We at Alpha Voice Production Service, located in Mumbai, India undertake complete Voice projects in Indian and International language totaling some 42.

Alpha works in two audio studios - state-of-the-art digital audio recording with years of experience in recording & post production of both audio & video projects. We have in-house and outsourced language experts with proven ability in their respective languages.


As for voices, we have in-house voice artistes in seven Indian languages. We regularly work with proven professionals in all languages. Priority is given to voices most suitable for a project rather than in-house voices. For projects dealing in languages other than Indian, we have professional relationship with well known voice artistes globally over several voice recording projects concluded successfully.

Voiceover Production

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