Sinhala Language Voiceovers.

You may call it Sinhala, Sinhalese or Singhalese, it is the National Language of Sri Lanka which was called Ceylon by the British. It is the mother tongue of some 17 million Sinhalse (Sri Lankan) people – the beautiful island nation.

The Sinhala language is derived from the Brahmic family of scripts and has its own system of writing. It looks a little like Tamil to the uninitiated, but is significantly different. Actually, the Sinhala script is a descendant of the ancient Indian Brahmi script. Sri Lanka also has its own variety of Tamil called Sri Lankan Tamil.

Here are some demos of professionally proven Sinhala voice artists:

kannada male voiceovers

Sinhala Male Voice Artistes



Sinhala language voiceover by Senanayake


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Kaviratne is a rare combination of scientific knowledge & artistic bent. Apart from being an IT professional, he is a devoted voice over professional in Sinhala. He has used his voice talent to carve a niche for himself in the Sinhalese voiceovers world logging hundreds of recordings in elearning, documentaries, IVRs, safety videos, the works.

Sinhala language voiceover by Kaviratne 


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Kannada Female Voice overs

Sinhala Female Voice Artistes

Ummai is a versatile Sinhalese voice talent and is a veteran of hundreds of Sinhala recordings. A voice that convinces, compels.

Sinhala language voiceover by Ummai




Adeetie is a name to reckon with in the world of voice overs of the Sri Lankan Tamil language. This Srilankan Tamil has that edge to her voice in spite of an inherent sweetness to it.

Sinhala language voiceover by Adeetie




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