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Telugu language, spoken by an estimated 115 million people in the world, is famously called the “Italian of the East” on account of its fluid notes. Telugu is the state language of Andhra Pradesh in southern India.

Andhraites, the Telugu speaking people, are known to be very fond of accumulating gold. But probably they set even a greater store by education - a fact that can be substantiated by the number of illustrious alumni from esteemed universities across the world.

Even as Andhraites stay at the forefront of world-class education, their love for native Telugu language remains undiminished. Little wonder then that with localization on the upswing, there is a constant demand for Telugu language voice over talents in media. Apart from a thriving Telugu language dubbings of foreign films, there is a demand for recording telephone prompts, IVRs, e-learning and voiceovers in Telugu language.

kannada male voiceovers

Telugu Male Voice Artistes


Murlidhar: A native Telugu voice over talent artist with a warm and pleasing tonal quality. Suave yet not overly urbanized, he is very well suited for recording IVRs, corporate and documentary narration, safety videos, and sync dubbing. Being a very busy voiceover talent, he may turn out expensive for e-learning jobs.

Telugu language voiceover by Murlidhar




Dheeraj : A versatile Telugu voice over artiste with a flair for drama. Eminently suited for picture sync dubbing, radio-TV commercials, e-learning and IVRs in Telugu language.

Telugu language voiceover by Dheeraj




Telugu language voiceover by Vijayendra Garu




Telugu language voiceover by Kaustubh



Kannada Female Voice overs

Telugu Female Voice Artistes

Chandra: A top ranking Telugu language voice talent with a voice that combines strength and sweetness.  Chandra has a long track record in recording IVRs, Medical Instructional Prompts and long narrations in Telugu. She is also a good voice actor for character dubbing in Telugu  language docu-dramas.  

Telugu language voiceover by Chandra




Hema : An experienced Telugu voice over talent with a gentle and sincere tonal quality.  Her IVRs are easy on the ear and her narrations have a ring of sincerity and her Radio TV commercials comprise the mandatory punchy and crisp sound. Veritably, an asset for Telugu language voiceovers. 

Telugu language voiceover by Hema


Kanta: A veteran Telugu language voiceover talent with long and steady innings.  Kanta has worked in every genre of the audio-visual media. Her tonal quality ranges from mellow to punchy, hence she can do justice to a corporate voiceover as well as warm and friendly IVRs. She is a very good candidate for e-learning jobs in Telugu language.

Telugu language voiceover by Kanta




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