Urdu Language Voiceovers.

Urdu language was born in the geographical regions of Dehli & today’s Uttar Pradesh, sometime between the 13th and 16th century in Mughal army camps around Delhi, to facilitate communication between the invaders and the locals. Indeed, the name Urdu is derived from a Turkish word oard meaning army, as is the English word horde.

Urdu being the national language of Pakistan is a compulsory language at school level along with English. However, over 90% of the population speaks a mother tongue other than Urdu language, which could be Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balti, Balochi, Pahadi, Bengali and so forth. However, Urdu remains the language of learning, formal communication and literature. Urdu enjoys the distinction of being a language of courtly charm and grace. It is the language of romance and poetry.

Globally, voice recordings in Urdu are used as part of localization whenever an industry or an enterprise is being established in Pakistan or the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Urdu voice recordings are also in demand for telephone & medical prompts, safety videos, elearning / e-learning etc.

Voice over talents speaking Hindi are usually found to be speaking Urdu too as grammar of both the languages is the same. Voice artistes of Hindi need to be careful about certain consonants in Urdu drawn from Persian and Arabic.

kannada male voiceovers

Urdu Male Voice Artistes


Urdu language voiceover by Hamid





Firdaus: A versatile Urdu voice talent, with a quick turn-around time. A sincere and clear tonal quality, make him highly suited for all kinds of jobs ranging from safety videos, e-learning to IVRs.

Urdu language voiceover by Firdaus




Dilshad: A moldable Urdu voice talent with a pleasant voice, Dilshad is well suited for miscellaneous character voices for safety videos, medical and other e-learning projects as well as IVR’s. Quick turn- around time make it easy to work with him.

Urdu language voiceover by Dilshaad



Kannada Female Voice overs

Urdu Female Voice Artistes

Urdu language voiceover by Salma




Intisar: Clear diction, and a non-stylized delivery make Intisar a suitable Urdu voice for E-learning. Being an Urdu teacher she can do long recordings with ease. Her voice is not suitable for Radio-TV commercials

Urdu language voiceover by Instisar




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