Clock Work

A day in a life of Voice Artiste

Hey, this is strictly personal. But, I suspect, others of my ilk are not too different!

7 am: I’m still holding on to my last dream! After all, it’s Ambani speak that if you don’t dream, you can’t achieve!

8 am: Now is the hour to begin the process of rising for the day. Just reminding myself that a good sleep is good for strength for the voice. So, in a bit please.

9 am: Life can be cruel. Got to give up this horizontal stance. Time to check emails that must have been shot mercilessly by overseas clients.

10 am: My only answer to all professional query is audio recordings. Come on, roll it!

11 am: On to the third recording of the day. Discussion with client, ad agency, producers, director, writer… the narrative doesn’t flow well… spelling errors… too many capital letters and articles (a sure sign of Indian English!)… If the script is in Hindi, why is it written in the Roman script? Doesn’t the writer know his own language? How do I get the right cadence? If it’s a Hindi version of an original English script, there are simply too many words in the translation! How do I fit words to the last millisecond and keep the expression too?
Now this doesn’t happen everyday, but then one doesn’t receive a perfect script everyday!

Oh, the unending woes of voice recordings!

12:30: Call from my accountant. Client A still hasn’t paid! What temerity! Not an issue, shift that client A to the position Z! We will not work for them again – until his client demands us, hopefully, in the near future.

1 pm: A call for a project discussion later in the day.

1:30 pm: Break for lunch – Hum toh khaane ke liye jeete hain! Therefore, sumptuous & tasty three-course home food, served hot, beginning with salad & soup.

2 pm: DND (Do NOT Disturb) sign is up. Some call it power nap. My excuse is that my larynx needs it. Poor thing, it’s the only component of my anatomy that’s really worked! Let me rest a little & be ready for part 2 of the day, when… zzz…

2:30 pm: A half cup of coffee without sugar please.

3 pm: With voice refreshed, a quick addition to the daily recording of an audio book that will go on for a couple of months.

5 pm: Meeting over an upcoming compering tour abroad.

6 pm: Call from a TV channel for a short promo recording.

7:30 pm: Hit the gym.

9 pm: Hey, this is my personal time, unless there’s a deadline beckoning. A small one with soda please!



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