Voice Artiste

Basically, a voice over artiste
- narrates documentaries (like the ones you see on Discovery, National Geographies etc.)
- narrates corporate videos – from product use to joint venture presentations.
- Safety videos, now car GPS instructions.
- Cell phone prompts
- TV serial intros & recaps (Oh well, my cherished Mahabharat, for instance.)
- Music album intros (Do pick up a CD of Gayatri, Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, Navkar…)
- Architectural walk throughs
- TV & Radio commercials.

Then there is a large space for voice actors – as different from voice overs:

Here, voice personality is not important, voice acting is.

- Animation voices: In a sentence, if you enjoy same ‘masti’ with your voice, you are voice acting. You might be called upon to give voice to all possible ages and impossible animals!
The demand here is unlimited – well, until kids stop watching cartoons!

- Feature Film Dubbings:
Hollywood & other language films need to be dubbed in your language. All kinds of voices are needed here. So, no jostling for space!

And if you have the extraordinary talent of mimicking well-known artistes, you got it made – big time!

The next is even a bigger space – RJing.

Here, the real asset is the gift of the gab. But as competition thickens, voice timbre & style become equally important.

The fourth category can be TV anchors & stage comperes (emcees) where an arresting voice & good rendition are definite assets.

If you are truly versatile, you will belong to all four. It will also let you continue far beyond the suspected expiry date.



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