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The little BIG country that is India, is home to some 22 distinct languages and no less than 400 minor languages (not dialects). Hindi, India’s national language, is the most widely spoken of all Indian languages. It is also the state language of some of the most populous states of India namely Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.

Hindi language VoiceoversHindi being an Indo Aryan language shares a substantial Sanskrit vocabulary with other Indo Aryan languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya Assamese and Nepalese. For that matter, several common words of Sanskrit origin are common in Hindi as well as the Dravidian languages spoken in South India.

Considering this commonality with major Indian languages, standard Hindi is by and large understood by most non-Hindi-speakers. This is well substantiated by the tremendous popularity of Bollywood films and songs all over the Indian sub-continent.

Hindi encompasses several smaller languages under its umbrella such as Bihari, Hariyanvi, Pahadi, Awadhi, Brij Bhasha, Maithili, Magahi and others. These are not mere dialects, but are a mother tongue to large swathes of population of the Hindi belt. Yet when it comes to education and formal communication, they use standard Hindi.
That is the reason why the number of people who officially declare Hindi to be their mother tongue is far too less, as compared to the actual number of people who speak Hindi in their day to day life.hindi voiceovers

Hindi is written from left to right like most world languages. It uses the Devnagari script, in which each letter has a horizontal line on top linking the string of letters in a word.

Hindi has 38 native consonants, plus 4 variations that have been incorporated in the Hindi stock on account of the innumerable Arabic and Persian words that have been added to the Hindi lexicon. Likewise, 2 new vowel sounds æ and
ɒ have also been added to Hindi vowels on account of several English words that have been assimilated in modern day Hindi.

Like for most Indian languages, Sanskrit is the root from which new Hindi words continue to be coined whenever there is a need to express new concepts. On the other hand, with regard to global uniformity, several English words are continually being assimilated in the Hindi lexicon.

Contemporary Hindi is being heavily influenced by the electronic media. TV serials, Feature films and TV/Radio commercials with a pronounced ethnic backdrop are making linguistic inroads in the familiar Hindi vocabulary and idiom. Some consider it a corrupting influence, while others deem it to be enrichment of the Hindi language.
But there is no denying that these very media are bestowing unprecedented popularity upon Hindi, breaking all politically imposed linguistic barriers.

Mumbai being the Mecca of Indian media, and home to Bollywood behemoth, nurtures some of the most diverse Hindi voice talents in the country. There is a voice to suit every requirement… be it dubbing animal “voices” or celebrity voices, Audio books, e-learning, industrial and documentary voice-overs or IVRs.


kannada male voiceovers

Hindi Male Voice Artistes


Hindi language voiceover by Harish

A magnificent timbre with a resonating quality, a unique , pleasant style, amazing voice modulation skills, a keen sense of drama and a rare sensitivity to words – all this make Harish a complete voiceover artist. Be it punchy voice-overs, documentary/ industrial narration, highly technical instructional videos, audio books, IVRs, e-learning modules or music album presentations – the most prestigious jobs seek Harish’s voice.

His rendering of SAMAY for the legendary TV serial “Mahabharat”, his in-flight announcements for Jet Airways, his presentation of some of the most successful music albums such as Gayatri, Ganesh, Navkar, Maha-Mrityunjay Mantra, Mahalakshmi, Bhagvad Gita, Preachings of Buddha, his Light-&-Sound shows for Kurukshetra , and Mysore Palace, and his narrations for numerous shows for Nehru Planetarium, are some of his landmark recordings.






Hindi language voiceover by Dinesh

A pleasant voice that is both versatile and has a definite character.
Dinesh is a natural. His IVRs are easy on the ear, his narration interesting and his dramatic renderings balanced.

He also speaks, Assamese, his mother tongue





Hindi language voiceover by Dinesh

An excellent audio drama voice, LokeshShravan is adept at narrations.






Kannada Female Voice overs

Hindi Female Voice Artistes


Hindi language voiceover by Rekha

One of the most versatile and experienced voice talents in Hindi language. A charming, mellifluous voice with a warm feel, that lends itself very well to IVRs and infomercials. Whatever the subject, her safety videos and documentary narrations have a lucidity that indicates a good grasp over the content matter.

Her command over Hindi language and her clear diction make her the artist of choice for recording words for dictionary and Hindi teaching aids. Whether it be e-learning, or a punchy commercial, a dub for a mythological character in a film or the voice of a peasant in a radio series, Rekha delivers the goods.





Hindi language voiceover by Usha


A very talented and successful voice artiste equally at ease with IVRs, a punchy commercial, animated dramatic rendition or long narration.




Hindi language voiceover by Amita


Amita: A fresh young voice talent with a soothing voice, a sincere and evenly paced narration. She is eminently suitable for e-learning.



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