Tamil Language Voiceovers.

The small little big country that India is, displays fascinating diversity among Indian languages.

Hindi, the official language is more closely related to European languages like Greek and French than it is to Tamil, (a Dravidian language) which is spoken by over 60 million Tamilians in India alone! Strange but true, that for a north Indian, Tamil is as foreign a language as let us say Pashto, spoken in Afghanistan.

There is a sizeable Tamil speaking population in Sri Lanka, Malayasia, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and United Kingdom. Wherever he resides a Tamilian feels a strong affinity for Tamil language and culture.


Media has always taken note of the Tamilian’s love for Tamil as is evident from the Tamil radio and TV commercials broadcast on ethnic channels for the expatriate consumer. Give a Tamilian a Hollywood film dubbed in Tamil any day - his preferred language of love, nay business as well! IVRs , safety videos and e-learning recordings in Tamil are proven to be more effective with the migrant Tamilian.

kannada male voiceovers

Tamil Male Voice Artistes


Tamil language voiceover by Keshava




Tamil language voiceover by Hariharan





Kannada Female Voice overs

Tamil Female Voice Artistes

Tamil language voiceover by Vidya




Tamil language voiceover by Prema




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