Radio Jockey

Radio Jockeying

Now this is a completely different ball game. Here, voice is only a medium. The important thing is what you think, your point of view and, above all, your style.

Radio JockeyAre you a raconteur? A good storyteller? Are you life of a party? Are you given to speaking to yourself when you find no audience?

If you have a good microphone voice and a style that conquers, then you are the top of the heap!

How do I get there?

There’s a one-word answer – audition.

You see, even if your dad-in-law owned an agency/production house/fm station, you’d still need to go through audition. Never tire of auditions.

The only ‘Godfather’ I had in the voice industry when I started was auditions. Everyone else was against my being a voice artiste!

Auditions are a great leveler. They’ll even make you realise, if necessary, that after all, you do not belong here!

Institutes & URLs for This Career

Have you read Shakespeare saying (in Hamlet) that an artiste’s best teacher is himself. If you haven’t, you are already in a wrong profession!

Unfortunately, there are no training courses I can recommend. I ran 3-month training sessions thrice myself, but soon realised that unless the participant puts in the adequate input all the guidelines given to him/her are of no avail.

In my early days. I did attend a Phonetics course. For the rest, you are pretty much on your own.



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